The DataLad Handbook

Virtual directory tree of a nested DataLad dataset


Welcome to the DataLad handbook!

We are happy about and greatly appreciate your interest in the handbook. Currently, the handbook is under initial development. You are welcome to check out the existing content, but please consider the handbook to be in alpha stage – expect thourough changes and developments in all aspects of the book until further notice. Please also note that all examples are based on DataLad version 0.12.

If you would be willing to provide feedback on this, or a future beta version, please get in touch.

DataLad datasets

Datalad, Run!

How DataLad records provenance of dataset modifications

Under the hood: Git-annex

A closer look at how and why things work

Tuning datasets to your needs

Various types and methods for dataset configurations

Make the most out of datasets

Further options

Small pieces of advice and helpful additional options

Use Cases: INM-7 FZJ