A Data Analysis Project with DataLad

Time flies and the semester rapidly approaches the midterms. In DataLad-101, students are not given an exam – instead, they are asked to complete and submit a data analysis project with DataLad.

The lecturer hands out the requirements: The projects needs to

  • be prepared in the form of a DataLad dataset

  • needs to contain a data analysis performed with Python tools

  • should incorporate DataLad whenever possible (data retrieval, publication, script execution, general version control) and

  • needs to comply to the YODA principles

Luckily, the midterms are only in a couple of weeks, and a lot of the requirements of the project will be taught in the upcoming sessions. Therefore, there’s little you can do to prepare for the midterm than to be extra attentive on the next lectures on the YODA principles and DataLads Python API.